Kathleen Nisbet

Bluegrass, ferry crossings and great vibes…

Taking the ferry across the strait of Georgia is always bittersweet. It’s either going to something amazing, or coming back from something amazing. And the bitter part comes in where the “B.C. Ferries” part comes in. Because BC ferries has to be one of the poorest run, overpriced monopoly services in Western Canada. The sweet part comes in on days like today – choppy water, rocking boat, miserable day – but there’s a Bluegrass band giving a free performance in the forward passenger area. And a really good bluegrass group at that – Viper Central. (Click HERE to check out their site, and hear what they do).

So, the Kathleen, Steve, Tim et al; Thank you for making a decidedly unpleasant trip… pleasant.

I got some pretty great video clips as well. Will post those as soon as I get a chance to convert them and slap ’em on youtube.

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