London Drugs Photo Lab VS Costco photo lab

Ordered 4 photos for print using London Drug’s photo lab online. 4 Prints, each 8×12. “Pearl” finish, because Matte is NOT a printing option. Uploader is fairly intuitive, quick and easy to navigate, as well as stable. No problem placing an order.

Total order cost: $35.80

Ordered the SAME 4 photos through Costco’s online print service. Same 4 files, same size, same everything. (except the finish, because “matte” is an option) Limit of 8MB on file size, and the uploader crashed twice in my initial test of uploading 10 images. But to be fair, I was using the “classic” uploader, as I didn’t feel like doing extensive java updates that give me dire warnings about security holes and risks. I’m not really trusting of Java anyways.

Total order cost: $8.92

Difference: $26.88

Hrm. In an economy where $26.88 is 4 jugs of milk and 2 loaves of bread… I think I will be getting my printing done at Costco. Of course, we’ll have to run a side by side comparison of quality and what not.

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