The Photographer

November 10th, 2004, right around 9:30 PM at the London Drugs in South Edmonton Common, in (of course) Edmonton, Alberta.

That’s when one of the greatest adventures of my life started. That’s when I purchased my very first dSLR – A Canon 300D, EOS “Rebel”. Since that day, I have been on a crazy journey that has taken me all over Western Canada. From the rafters of Rexall Place shooting NHL prospects, to 2,000 feet above Central Alberta in the bowels of a WWII era B-25 bomber, to deep in the Kootenay mountains at the Shambhala Music Festival (where I became the official photographer for The Village (stage) , to standing on the West coast of Vancouver Island on the the majestic shores of Long Beach.. Almost 8 years and several camera upgrades later, my cameras and my way of looking at the world has taken me on some truly remarkable adventures, and I’m hoping that this is just the start.

Originally born and raised in Calgary, I moved to Vancouver Island in the spring of 2009 with my fiance, both to pursue my love of photography, and to fulfill a life-long dream of living on the beautiful island that I’d visited with my parents 27 years earlier. We settled in Nanaimo, and now raise a daughter and two boys, all of whom bring untold amounts of joy and happiness into our lives.