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Novus Photography: Services & Pricing


For those that have expressed interest in purchasing my images as prints, I now have online ordering available. All images featured on my website (and quite a few that haven’t been added yet) are available for purchase by visiting my E-commerce print solution. If you have a preference for another image that you’ve spotted elsewhere but it’s not here, send me an email and we can get that fixed!

I offer (but am not limited to) Aerial, Aviation, Portrait, Equestrian, Event, Landscape, Railway, and Media photography in Nanaimo and surrounding areas.

Portraiture [On location only]

Basic fee: $200 for first 1 hour
$50 per additional 1/2 hour
$25 per 1/2 hour additional fee for groups over 5 persons
$1/km charge for locations outside of Nanaimo
Includes DVD with full resolution, edited jpeg images


Basic fee: $250 for first 1 hour
$75 per additional 1/2 hour
$1/km charge for locations outside of Nanaimo
$100 DVD with full resolution jpeg images


At this time, I am only interested in “alternative” weddings: Trash the dress, Steampunk, Destination, Adventure. I no longer offer “Traditional” wedding photography.

Basic fee: $400 for first hour.

Packages: [Not including basic fee]
Package #1: $200 (10 8×10, 20 5×7, and 50 4×6 prints of your choice)
Package #2: $600 (Two worth of package #1 plus 2 carefully crafted 8×10 photobooks)
Package #3: $1000 (5 11×14, 25 8×10, 50 5×7, 100 4×6 prints of your choice, in addition to 2 8×10 and 2 6×8 photobooks)
Package #4: $1500 (Package #3 plus included engagement shoot)


Photo Restoration/Photoshopping

$50 for first hour, $25 per additional hour. Includes high resolution file(s) on CD, and if applicable, a print the same size as the original.

Other work

Other assignments outside of this are welcome, and pricing will reflect both shooting and editing time.

All photos that are delivered to the client must meet my personal standards of quality, and will have been edited for technical correction.
Note: Portrait wait time; 1 week, event; 2 weeks, wedding; 4-6 weeks.

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