Asking for opinion via vote!

I’m contemplating entering a photo in a “photos of BC” type contest. I’m torn on which of these two to enter… So, just curious and asking your opinion… If you had to vote for one photo or the other… Which would it be?

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


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  • Barb

    Number 1

  • Ali

    I like #2. The distortion in #1 along the edges (darn, i forget the word…the warp around the outter circle) distracts, I find

    Where to add to #2 not having this, it also speaks of one of BC’s prime attractions- places to go and BE. It draws on the spirit of self, being there, a longing – rather than just an incredibly gorgeous scene… They are both gorgeous though and well worth entering. I do really love the clouds in 1… whoa! I see why you win contests!

  • Halal Beats

    I really like both of these shots. the sky is absolutely stunning in pic #1 and i think that it is more eye catching as a result, but the composition in pic#2 is a perfect blend of light and dark. if it was a photography contest then i would suggest pic #2 but since its a picture of BC contest i vote pic #1

  • Brian Emdin

    BC is big and beautiful and its waiting for you to come and see it. And at times it’s like it is all yours . You can imagine being the little guy on the rock.

    # 1 is beautiful but not as personal. It also looks more dramatic to me when cropped just below the island in the bottom left up to 1/2 way through the dark clouds in the top right. more panoramic. I also found the blur a bit distracting.

    thanks for sharing both.

  • Hilary

    I voted!

    Question – What makes either photograph B.C. specific?

    Though I don’t know the full requirements of the competition, your picture of Devlin from the back, on the beach, barefoot, with backpack, is wonderful, and couldn’t be anywhere else but BC.

    You do beautiful stuff.

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