If you see a photo that you love, I’d love to sell you a print!

Hey all!

Over the past few days, I have received a lot of compliments on my photos, especially my shots of Shambhala Music Festival 2013. A lot of people have asked “do you offer prints?”

The answer is yes.

While I love what I do, it isn’t always cheap to do it. Photography is my sole source of income, and I have overhead: fuel, food, ferries, supplies, batteries, equipment cleaning, maintenance and repairs, rent and bills – right down to web hosting and e-commerce options – it all costs money. And any support I get that can offset the costs is very, very welcome. And in return for your support, you get awesome, high quality art that you can put on your wall and impress everyone with for years to come. And I’m able to keep doing what I do best.

So, if you really want a print, and you really love that photo you commented on and liked, send me a message, and lets get that photo on your wall where it belongs!

Cheers, and thanks for all the love!


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