Just a quick test. Yep. Another one!

There has been an awful lot going on around here over the past couple of months… some good, some not so good. Deaths, funerals, trips home to Alberta (via WestJet) for memorial services, extreme illnesses (e. coli is no joke, in case youve ever wondered), and a plethora of othrr “little things”. Which explains why my poor website has been so terribly neglected.

So, anyways. I’m kinda making a commitment to updating more often, which is very likely going to accomplished through the use of my cell phone – a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Which, I hate to say, has a camera in it that is far superior that the first DSLR I ever owned, and got started in my love of photography with.

Sad, how fast technology evolves. :/

Anyways, the point of all this is to test the WordPress app, and see how easy it is to post while on the go. Mostly, because this year, I’m planning on posting teasers and update from the Shambhala music festival, and the trip there and back. Assuming some douchenozzle doesn’t steal my phone at Shambhala again this year. :/



This is where I spent my afternoon today. Neck Point Park, Nanaimo B.C.

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