Twitter makes me rage.

A few days ago, I deactivated my twitter account, because apparently, I don’t have the option of deleting it outright. So, fine, whatever. I really find twitter to be irritating and not at all helpful, but I figured that hey, maybe I just over-reacted and deleted it because I was in a bad mood.

So, I reactivated it, and decided to give it another go. And within 20 minutes, I was ready to deactivate it again, and was just rotten in my mood

At the top of the home screen, there’s a large block that “suggests” feeds to follow. Two of the common ones were Wal-Mart corp, and Starbucks inc. Which is bullshit, because that’s just advertising being force fed down your gullet. Not cool at all, not in the least. And there is no easy or simple way to disable it – if there’s a way at all.

So, screw it. I just pulled the plug and disabled it, and have no intentions of ever using it again. Ever. So, Twitter is one tool I’ll never be relying on… Good-bye, and good riddance!

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