July 2013

Just a heads up to anyone on Vancouver Island, and B.C. in general!

I want to warn you about a really innocuous looking, but horrendously dangerous plant. It’s an invasive plant originally from Asia, and growing EVERYWHERE around B.C. It called Giant Hogweed, and is absolutely no joke. It’s popping up all over the Island and other areas of B.C. and most people don’t know about it. While out with friends on French Creek last weekend, we ran into the stuff everywhere along the creek, along the shore, and in the wooded areas all around – and right along the trails, with it’s leaves hanging over the pathway. It’s easy to imagine people out for a walk with their kids and pets, and brushing the plant aside as they walk the trails. So if you are out with kids or pets, please be cautious and aware – it’s incredibly easy for them to get exposed to it. If you touch it, the sap on your skin will react with UV light – so when sunlight hits it, you end up with severe burns. And we’re talking 3rd degree. And even when they heal, the sap can keep causing burns for up to 10 years. YEARS! If it gets in your eyes, it causes temporary – and sometimes permanent – blindness.

It’s ridiculously nasty stuff, and NOT something you want to get tangled up in, especially if your kids are active and like to explore the outdoors.

Here’s a link with some more info.

If you happen to come across it the Government of B.C. asks you to call it in and report it. Just do a Google search for how to report it in your area.

Cheers! And be safe!

Burns caused by Giant Hogweed.

Just a quick test. Yep. Another one!

There has been an awful lot going on around here over the past couple of months… some good, some not so good. Deaths, funerals, trips home to Alberta (via WestJet) for memorial services, extreme illnesses (e. coli is no joke, in case youve ever wondered), and a plethora of othrr “little things”. Which explains why my poor website has been so terribly neglected.

So, anyways. I’m kinda making a commitment to updating more often, which is very likely going to accomplished through the use of my cell phone – a Samsung Galaxy S4.  Which, I hate to say, has a camera in it that is far superior that the first DSLR I ever owned, and got started in my love of photography with.

Sad, how fast technology evolves. :/

Anyways, the point of all this is to test the WordPress app, and see how easy it is to post while on the go. Mostly, because this year, I’m planning on posting teasers and update from the Shambhala music festival, and the trip there and back. Assuming some douchenozzle doesn’t steal my phone at Shambhala again this year. :/



This is where I spent my afternoon today. Neck Point Park, Nanaimo B.C.

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