January 2013

Josafat Miranda! You sir, are not an artist. You’re a thief.


As a photographer, one of the hardest aspects of what I do is coming up with ways to be original ALL THE TIME. For everyone else, the photos I’m taking of their wedding, portraits, grad, whatever – they’re one offs. They don’t see themselves in photos every day. You only get married once, MAYBE twice if you’re like me and need a couple tries to learn from horrible, horrible mistakes. But for me, it’s the (insert large number here)th time I’ve taken this shot. The 30th wedding. The 23rd grad. The 50th family portrait. The 5th time at THIS music festival. Same subject matter, different faces.

When creating one off art pieces, having an idea is just the first step. Then you have to find wardrobe, or someone that knows wardrobe and can assist you. Same with make up, hair, set dressing, etc. Then there’s the lighting, the working in the right weather conditions, location, etc. THEN there’s editing, the art of tweaking, cleaning, and creating the final image as you originally envisioned it. THAT’S a fraction of the process. But it IS a process, it’s how we create our art. And what we do IS art. It’s OUR creative vision, and the culmination of so many different processes. It’s often costly, takes time, and is OURS. As I’ve often said – the photograph is my canvas, the camera, my brush.

So to have some weenie jerk swoop in, take that photograph, and copy it – in EVERY detail – to a canvas of his own… That doesn’t make it his. All you are, Josafat Miranda, is a Xerox machine that eats pizza. You’re not an artist, you’re a thief. You take someone else’s vision, someone else’s creativity, and someone else’s art and claim it as your own.

Visit this link – http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/see-art-steal-art/ – and follow the links. Judge for yourself.


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