May 2012

Out of frustration comes satisfaction, with reward icing.

It’s been a learning experience alright. But as of tomorrow, this gong show of a website changeover will be complete.

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d interject a healthy dose of maniacal laughter here. With my energy being what it is, I’ll offer up a feline-esque mewling instead.

While I’m aware you can’t see this, I feel it pertinent to tell you, I have 5 more galleries to add content to, a couple background images to set, and I’m good to put it all online – where very few people will visit. But that’s ok – this website is really a project for me, moreso than anyone else.

Speaking of which – this post is also to serve as a reminder to myself to make and fill out a page that contains something that could be considered a mission statement. You know, being my own kind of photographer, doing my own thing, etc, etc.

Oh, and to take the laundry basket upstairs!

I still suck at WordPress. Just slightly less now.

I find it mildly amusing that I continue to update a blog that’s on a site that no one can see.

Mildly amusing.


Progress is being made. WordPress is both awesome and evil at the same time. I’m tired. My brain doesn’t work. And I’m going to bed.

Also… I’m becoming painfully aware that I am very unlike almost every other photographer that I know. I wonder sometimes if I’m not a little too far out in left field to be a successful, full time photographer.. I’m very outspoken, ranty, and kinda brash. Maybe I’m one of those tormented artists everyone keeps talking about? I dunno. Maybe I’m crazy.

Then, who’s the guy blogging to himself…?



Well…. At least I’m getting somewhere….

So, I’ve sold my soul, and joined Twitter, for no other reason than to try to network myself a little better. And, I’m finally getting somewhere with WordPress, and getting the site up and running. Which would have been HOURS ago, if I didn’t have to literally learn EVERYTHING from scratch, and if I wasn’t mildly retarded in my ability to learn. But, it’s even harder now, as it’s 2:30 am, I’m EXHAUSTED, and just want to go to bed, so I can have nightmares about being torn apart by .css scripts, and being chased down dark alleyways by WordPress logos and random strings of code.

Oh, right. My site is in “maintenance mode” until I can make it public and have it… you know…. work. So you can’t even read this post.


Apparently, I suck at WordPress.

Admittedly, I am not exactly savvy on the code side of computer geekery. I’m more of a hardware guy, always have been. I like to tinker, with mechanical things, not with bits and bytes.

So, the site isn’t exactly looking like how I want it to. I’ve been tempted a couple times to just reload my OLD site, flaws and all, and call it a day. But, in addition to being geek-stupid, I’m also stubborn. So. I’m going to go get some sleep, snuggle with my wonderful fiance, and try not to dream about smashing websites with a hockey stick.

More success tomorrow! (please?)

There’s something different about you…. did you cut your hair?

Well… Yes, I did. But that’s beside the point. As you may have noticed, I’m in the middle of making some changes around here. Please bear with me while things kinda break and un-break. What you see here is just temporary, as I  fiddle with things and try to get things set up.

In the meantime – check me out on Facebook!

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